Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors’ and Officers’ insurance policies provide protection whilst you are acting on behalf of your Company
Covering your Directors against claims brought against them, this policy is designed to help you cope with the ever-changing, strict legislative and regulatory world.
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Directors’ and Officers’ usual insurance features
Defence costs of health and safety claims (including corporate manslaughter)
Trading standards, environment or other regulatory claims
Defence costs and awards of claims:
by individual shareholders
arising from administration of any company pension or employee benefit scheme
arising from pollution
arising from any failed private offering
Ten years run off cover after a director retires
Additional policy benefits
The policy can be packaged as part of a management portfolio including:
Directors and officers liability
Employment practice liability
Corporate legal cover
Packaged together they cover your company as well as the individuals employed by you
An excess is not payable if a claim against you as an individual is successfully defended

Directors’ and Officers’ usual insurance exclusions
Deliberate or dishonest acts
A dishonest or fraudulent act.
Acts intended to secure a personal profit to which the insured is not legally entitled.
Prior claims, investigations and circumstances
Any claims or investigations you were aware of prior to the start of the policy
Prior litigation
Defined benefit pension schemes
An excess will usually apply to claims not successfully defended against the company
These are just some of the key exclusions/limitations, full details will be found in policy wordings.

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