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Learner Driver Insurance

Whilst a newcomer to the insurance world, these policies enable you to affordably insure your family vehicle whilst your son or daughter is learning to drive, without risking your No Claims Bonus.

Protect your family car today with prices starting from as little as £2.00 per day.

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Learner Driver Insurance for Provisional Drivers from as little as £2.00 per day

Our learner driver insurance is a car insurance specifically designed for UK learner drivers to provide them with insurance whilst they practice driving with a friend or family member. It is unique to the learner driver and runs alongside your own motor insurance.

The average learner driver needs 45 hours of driving lessons with a professional instructor and the Driving Standards Agency recommends further private practice of at least 20 hours before taking a Driving Test.

What are the benefits of this cover?

This learner driver car insurance allows a learner driver to drive any family car up to group 32 with a value up to £20,000.

If they have an accident, the owner’s car insurance will not be affected and the owner’s No Claim Bonus will remain intact.

The learner driver may practice with any driver that has held a full driving licence for 3 years and is over the age of 25. They don’t even need to be the car owner. Provided they have the owner’s permission, the learner driver has comprehensive insurance to drive a specified car up to group 32 with a maximum value of £20,000.

We’re very pleased to announce our new partnership with Marmalade Learner Insurance.

Pearson Insurance Marmalade Insurance

Marmalade are one of the UK’s leading learner and new driver insurance companies. We’re delighted to be able to offer you access to their specialist policies.

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