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Below we’ve listed several reasons why our clients use us year after year. Take a look…We also offer a 30 minute insurance review completely free of charge to help you untangle any insurance challenges you may have.

Drop us a line by clicking here and ask for our free consultation and see what a difference we can make to your insurance cover and costs.

If you haven’t had an expert look at your insurances, you may find you have duplicate cover or gaps in cover and there may be more cost-effective policies available to suit your circumstances.

We can visit you at your business address or you may visit our offices in Swan Walk, in the centre of Thame in Oxfordshire.

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Here are those reasons our customers insure with us year after year.

1 - We are independent...we have no shareholders.

Why is that important to you? We can go to any insurer to find you the best deals. We have access to the whole of the market. Many of the large insurance companies you are probably familiar with can only offer you their own insurances. Even companies you think of as independent may be owned by one of these companies, and so are obliged to sell only their owners’ insurance products. 

2 - We look at all your insurance needs.

We find that many people take out their insurance gradually, choosing a basic insurance to start with and then adding different types of cover as needs change. However, very few people review how their combined insurance products work together. When we deal with a new client, we often find that they are insuring the same risk twice (or more)! While this is not as bad as not insuring a risk, it is wasting money, year after year, and can cause complications in the event of a claim if there is more than one policy covering the same risk.

3 - We work for you, our client.

At the time of writing this, there is a great deal of discussion about who shoulders the responsibility of filling in insurance applications accurately. Take the example of making a mistake with filling in your online form. The first you may know about it is when you try to make a claim. At that point (not when you buy the insurance), the insurance company will probably look at your application with a “fine-toothed comb” to make sure the application reflects your details accurately. If you have not been 100% accurate, the company may not pay your claim. They could simply refund your premium (after deducting an admin charge), but this is of very little use if your factory has burned down or your house is under water.

Any policy cancelled by an insurer needs to be declared for future insurances,  and may affect your chances of obtaining a competitive quotation. People know if they are “adjusting“ their age to get a cheaper quote. They might be less aware that if they are describing their work inaccurately, they could invalidate any claim.

Although there have been changes to legislation to require insurers to ask all relevant questions to private individuals when gathering information to quote, anyone applying for business insurance or acting in a professional capacity, is still required to disclose material facts.  Very often, you will not know what you need to declare and what you do not need to declare. As an example, you will need to declare if anyone involved in running the business has been made bankrupt or has any CCJs. If you don’t, then your claim could be rejected.

If you fill in your application form inaccurately – it is your problem… If we fill in your application form inaccurately – it is our problem… Yes, that’s right. We have our own indemnity insurance, which means if we have not been 100% accurate with your application, you have a safety net and will not lose out. Your claim will still be met…a major plus.

4 - We can correct errors about you.

Insurance companies and brokers refer to an insurance database that contains details about you, your past claims, and so on. We have access to this database and can correct any errors in the information it has about you. This is vital if, for example, a claim is incorrectly logged against you because someone who previously lived at your address incurred it. Individuals cannot access this database and cannot correct inaccurate information…as brokers, we can liaise with insurance companies to rectify errors.

5 - Your renewals are our responsibility.

If you buy insurance from a company, it is your responsibility to renew your policy. If you don’t, you are not covered. If you buy insurance from us, we make sure you renew your policy or instruct us to lapse it. You will get a polite reminder from Judy! This is so important these days, when often people do not get paper bank statements, so are not aware that a direct debit instalment has failed. No problem…with us you are reminded to renew and if your direct debit fails, we will let you know. Of course,at renewal, we go back to the market and re-evaluate which is the best insurance for you.  New schemes and deals become available all the time and we are kept up to date by the insurance companies and software houses ..it can also be important if you have had that special birthday…

6 - We have great rates on instalments.

To be honest, this is one way we win business from people annoyed by some internet companies. Typically, they fill in an online form and obtain a competitive quote, only to find out that when they choose the option to pay by instalments, they find an additional charge of over 15% has being added! At the time of writing this, we are offering instalments with a best rate for commercial policies of 8.5%.

We also have a few policies where we can offer interest free instalments.

7 - We help you with your claims.

If you need to claim against your policy, we are here to help you every step along the way. We will call your insurance company to give them details of your claim. If necessary, we will negotiate with the company on your behalf, especially if your claim is not straightforward.

If your company rejects your claim, we will work with them to sort out any problems and make sure your valid claims are paid. We do not charge for these services.

8 - We have no targets.

No one here has any sales targets at all. We just do not work that way. We are focused on getting the best deal for you…not on selling you something you don’t need just so we hit a target. We work on the principle that we want you as a client for many years and the reason you will stay with us is that you get great service at a great price. As most of our customers stay with us for more than 12 years, we must be doing something right!

9 - We do not charge admin fees.

Large insurance companies/brokers charge various admin fees. We do not charge large fees. Our fees are clear and advised before you take out a policy with us.

One well-known broker charges £50 for a copy of an insurance certificate. As long as the charges set them out in their Terms of business, they can charge what they like. Have you ever ticked that box to say you have read Terms and Conditions…without going through every single paragraph…?

10 - We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

If you decide that you don’t need an insurance you have bought from us, you have 14 days to change your mind for most policies, and we will refund your premium, with no cancellation charge. (Insurers may make a time on risk or admin fee, but we don’t).

11 - Mostly, you will pay less.

As we don’t need to keep finding new clients, we don’t have the advertising expenses of many brokers, who typically only keep clients for one or two years. Most of our clients come from referrals and they stay for a long time.

12 - We do what we say.

We work for you, our clients and want to surprise you with the level of service you receive, so you’ll stay with us for years…and tell all your friends!

Recent examples include one of our clients saying he wanted to change his car insurance. When we asked when he wanted the new car covered, he said that he had just bought it and was about to drive it off the forecourt… minutes to sort that one out!

One of our business clients rang us to say that she needed to raise her high risk liability insurance from £5M to £10M. That was more relaxed; we had a whole afternoon to do that one!

13 - Things do not get lost.

As anybody who has visited our office will know, there are three of us working in the same room. This gives us massive advantages over large call centres. We all hear our conversations, so can “pipe up” if we can offer any useful advice.

And, we never lose paperwork. Your enquiry cannot sit at the bottom of various in-trays…we don’t have in-trays…

14 - We like a challenge.

Over the years, we have built up relationships with many insurance companies, which means we can insure all kinds of risks. Our biggest challenge was to insure a fire engine that was being donated and travelling from Gloucester to Bosnia…no problem…

We hope these points have helped to form a good opinion of us and our service levels. We would love the chance to help you with your next insurance requirement.

Many thanks for your time…we hope to hear from you soon.

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